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Leslie Jackson

Helping you tap into your passion, power and potential
so you can overcome life’s toughest challenges
Leslie Jackson - Keep the Faith
I help you drive through adversity by tapping into your passion, power and potential so you can survive and thrive! Everybody encounters adversity and challenges at one time or another—and that includes you.

If you’re facing insurmountable obstacles and feel like giving up, I can help. Through my struggles with addiction, a rare skin disease, and losing my brother in a tragic car accident, I’ve learned how to overcome even when I had nothing left to give.

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Leslie Jackson
Today, I can’t imagine where I would be if I had given up. Facing those obstacles taught me how to access the potential already inside me—and it’s the same potential within you. You, too, have the power to charge through even the toughest adversity and win.

When you invite me to speak at your event or meeting, you’ll learn the exact strategies and mindset changes I used to surpass my life’s hurdles. You’ll receive the tools you need to drive over fear and into the victory lane.

People have told me that after hearing me speak, they leave feeling hopeful and encouraged, knowing they’re not alone in their struggles. They also feel equipped to face life’s hardships with courage. Your organization or corporation can receive those same benefits as I share from my years as a seasoned racecar driver, an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer and a President and CFO of a successful roofing company.

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Book: Change Course

You don’t have to invite me to speak at your event to get the full impact of my story. In my new book, Change Course: One Lady’s Race from Acceptance to Adventure, I share striking details about the obstacles I’ve faced and the exact tools I used to overcome them.

People often tell me they see me as strong and confident—but I wasn’t always that way. I’ve wrestled with addiction, suffered serious health problems, and even lost my brother in a tragic car accident. As you can imagine, there were plenty of times I felt I couldn’t go on. But thankfully, that’s not the end of my story.
When you read Change Course, you’ll learn:
How to change your mindset from one of defeat to one of victory
How to silence voices in your head that tell you you’re just not good enough
How to break the lifestyle and thought patterns that hold you back from your true potential
How to let go of your “acceptance mentality” and embrace the thrill of adventure
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Softcover and E-book available NOW on Audible available now!
Leslie Jackson's Book

Women's Coaching

Leslie Jackson is the founder of Lady Racing Ministries and is passionate about encouraging people to pursue the presence of God and find their passion, power and potential as they maneuver through their purpose and live a life they love.

She is a speaker, author, and Christian life coach as well as a race car driver, Quality Engineer, and owner of a commercial roofing company. Find out more.
Leslie Jackson's Group
Over 15 years working with companies wanting to win, helping them train their employees, improve sales and revamp their Quality Systems. More.

Race car driver

Professionally & successfully racing cars on a dirt track (various circuts), 7 years.

Business Owner

Owner, co-founder, president & CFO of a top 5 MN roofing company, 13 years.

Business Owner

Founder & Owner of a successful Retail Boutique, 2 years.

ASQ Certified

Prestigious status of ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, 12 years.
About Leslie Jackson
About Leslie Jackson

Author, speaker, business owner and race car driver, Leslie Jackson, inspires women to position themselves to win. She'll help you dig deep to discover your true potential and go after your God-given dreams.