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God knows YOU, He is with you, He knit you together in your mother’s womb, and YOU are wonderfully made. (Psalm 139).

You may feel totally alone wrestling with the thought that you’ll never overcome the challenges life has thrown at you.

You are not alone, I’ve been there too. I overcame hurdles I never thought were possible, and you can do it too!

Sometimes people look at my life and wonder how I’ve done it. They see that I was a professional racecar driver for seven years, a sport most people don’t naturally associate with women. They see that I’ve been an ASQ-certified quality engineer for the last 12 years as well as a co-founder and owner of one of the top five roofing companies in Minnesota for the last 13 years.

But let me tell you—it’s not because I’m a superhuman. It’s because I’ve learned several valuable lessons from adversity.
About Leslie Jackson
What many don’t see right away is that at many times in my life, I have dealt with adversity, which I overcame by digging deep and grabbing hold of the potential I know is there if I only trust. My childhood disease made me look like a red-spotted leopard, causing people to stare and make fun of me—leaving me with low self-esteem.

Another tough lesson I needed to learn was when I thought I was doomed to hell for my sins of my divorces—and that I was beyond forgiveness. After years of struggling to love myself, God chose to show me he loved me in a miraculous way by healing me twice.

Because of the love He demonstrated to me, I felt compelled to write a book about my experience called Change Course: One Lady’s Race from Acceptance to Adventure. I hope by reading my story, others will learn to accept the past, learn from the past, find forgiveness, and move forward into the best version of themselves.

My whole life, including writing my book, has been a process of releasing shame. It did not happen overnight. Letting go of the shame and accepting who I am has been freeing. What joy I feel knowing that I am loved, even though I have sinned.

My message is for all. God’s love is not for me alone. You can take hold of it too, if you are willing to seek God and accept the love He has for you.

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Over 15 years working with companies wanting to win, helping them train their employees, improve sales and revamp their Quality Systems.

Race car driver

Professionally & successfully racing cars on a dirt track (various circuts), 7 years.

Business Owner

Owner, co-founder, president & CFO of a top 5 MN roofing company, 13 years.

Business Owner

Founder & Owner of a successful Retail Boutique, 2 years.

ASQ Certified

Prestigious status of ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, 12 years.
About Leslie Jackson